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    Not "If", but "When"

    Not "If", but "When"

    You Are Under Attack right now...Did you know? How would you know? Are You Watching?
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    Battle-hardened Comrades–in–Arms

    Continuous, 24/7 monitoring | Vulnerability scanning and incident response | Behavioral Monitoring | Asset Discovery
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    Time to Change the Rules

    Time to Change the Rules

    Traditional security approaches can’t keep up in this battle, winning means changing the rules with VNSOC360
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    Protect - Detect - Respond

    Protect - Detect - Respond

    Combining the Best of People, Processes and Technologies based on cyber threat intelligence
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    Unified Security Monitoring

    Unified Security Monitoring

    Today’s advanced attacks evade best-of-breed security solutions, often going undetected for long periods of time
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    Continuous Security Monitoring by Certified Security Subject Matter Experts
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Data Breach Statistics

205 Days

Average time it takes to discover a breach

317 Million

Number of new pieces of malware -- computer viruses or other malicious software -- created last year. Nearly one million new threats each day

$ 400 Million

Estimated financial losses due to data breaches per year

700 Million

Compromised Records

Let's go inside the numbers

HaCkErS…a term that sends chills down the spine of many business owners. Hackers are dominating the cyber world with their tricks and sneaky tactics, and are Going Undetected for way too long. Organizations are struggling to fend off Cyber Attacks as these hackers get faster, sneakier, and more creative. Hackers are Grabbing Your Data and stealing your customers' and partners' information...There is an Army of them making their way through your patchwork of defenses...They cannot be bargained with or reasoned with, and...They will not stop until you are compromised.

Percentage of organizations that can be breached in minutes


Organizations reporting a breach in the past year


Organizations admitting they would not likely be able to detect a sophisticated attack


Organizations reporting to have more security incidents this year than last


Organizations reporting to have malicious insider threats


Organizations not monitoring or watching their environment


Data breach cases where hackers used defects that have been around for years


Draw the line with InfusionPoints VNSOC360

We’ve experienced firsthand just how frustrating and challenging security can be – the struggles with failing security operation implementations, is having to settle for inadequate security due to budget constraints or inadequately skilled staff, shelving tens of thousands of dollars of security software because it is just too hard to use and of course, the aftermath of security breaches that could have been prevented. InfusionPoints launched VNSOC360 to help organizations of all shapes and sizes achieve world class security without the headaches and huge expense of other solutions. And -- we are passionate about our mission.

Discover security that’s highly intelligent, delivering everything you need to protect - detect - respond against today’s threats in minutes. VNSOC360 is an all-in-one service designed and priced to ensure that mid-market organizations can effectively defend themselves against today’s advanced threats.

We want to make it easy for you to start detecting threats on day one, without any frustration. As a result, we’ve packaged our service into bite size pieces that are easy to consume, simple to set up, and place the information you need right at your fingertips. VNSOC360 reduces dwell time by concentrating on timely detection, to control the length of time the adversary is in your IT ecosystem and to limit the impact of a breach. VNSOC360 reduces detection time to take control of the chaos and mitigate your risks.

Move From Chaos to Action with VNSOC360

Continuous Monitoring

· Provides a 360 degree view

· Situational Awareness

· 24/7/365 Monitoring

· Behavioral Monitoring

· Asset Management

Incident Response

· Cyber Resilience

· Planning and Testing

· Adaptable to Emerging Threats

· Reduce Dwell Time

· Proactive Response and Remediation

Threat Management

· Identify, Isolate, and Investigate IOCs

· Insight into attackers’ intent/techniques

· Validate existing security controls

· Identify threat patterns rapidly

· Visualization and map threats

Governance, Risk and Compliance

· ISO 27001




· Awareness and Training


· Breach Investigation

· Forensic Investigation

· Malware Analysis

· Risk Trends Analysis

Security Testing

· Establish Threat Surface

· Vulnerability Scanning

· Web Testing

· Penetration Testing

· Risk Assessment

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